24.11 – 08.12 // Autopoiesis Exhibition in Berlin . Part one

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[ αὐτoποίησις ]

- Part one -

Concept :

Autopoiesis emerged from a common fascination of three multitalented artists for a secret rite called Cigùri. This ancient practice is rooted on the belief that self-creation or self-production (autopoiesis) coincides with that of absolute subjective dissolution.

The artists intertwined their visions and techniques to produce one single, multifaceted art piece presenting the sun cosmology of the Cigùri people.

Based on a careful study of the archaeological excavations of the tools, artefacts, fabrics and colours used to perform the ancient ritual, the miniature museum reproduces archives of soulology, of the practice of soulproduction. It functions as a laboratory dedicated to the investigation of the divine origin of human-creation, the “very mystery of all poetry”.

Artists :

Ludovic Alussi is a well established fashion photographer in France, specialized in Still Life photography; he has left a lasting mark on the traditional approach to objects and light, teaching the eye to see the elements that compose matter.

〪Singer/song writer and fashion creator, Alice Paradisi aka Cigùri is known in Berlin for her dreamy electronic dark pop and magical charisma. Her work, visual as well as musical, shows a deep interest and long practice of martial aesthetics and mystic symbols.

〪From the Parisian design school Boulle, Emilie Gotmann aka Eggon, a talented drawer and painter, has since then acquired the techniques of sculpture at the metal workshop of the famous art house Tacheles in Berlin. Her work, often characterized by a high sense of derision, explores the contrasted movements described by the feminine forms.

〪Light design : Erika Sauerbronn

〪Make up artist : Elena R. Castaño



Facebook event (Click here)

FREE ENTRANCE before midnight only with invitation card (Receive your invitation card by writing to cigurimusic@gmail.com)

24.11.12 [0 – +] opening party / Strasse der Pariser Kommune 8, 10243 Berlin