Can’t hide how happy we are…!!

This saturday, we (Cigùri + Kerta von Kubin) are going to perform a concert in Iceland, playing a unic acoustic live especially for the occasion.

It is going to be very spontanious and improvised, no electronics, only piano laments like in the early beginnings of the project.

Kerta gathered several rusted metal objects in the whole Iceland to prepare her percussion set, and i prepared a set list with all the new songs i wrote this summer on a red piano in Corsica.

The venue is a very cosy place in a fisherman’s village, it is situated right in between hudge lava fields and the grey Ocean.

The concert starts at 9.00 pm.



Miðgarði 2

240 Grindavík, Iceland


J U S T * C A N ‘ T * W A I T